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Anthony Holland (left) (Bessie 2.0) • Bryan Nielsen (right) (Bessie 3.0 in Java!)

Bessie is a real-time interactive tutorial for learning about Frequency Modulation Synthesis. This version of Bessie (3.0) was written in the programming language Java by Skidmore College student Bryan Nielsen ‘09 [Self-Determined-Major in Computer Oriented Digital Arts (CODA)] and tutorial information was provided by Anthony G. Holland, Associate Professor of Music at Skidmore College. This version of Bessie is based on Bessie 2.0, created in 1990 by Anthony Holland and Skidmore student Jon Ryan ’91, which ran on the ‘NeXT’ computer. The very first version of Bessie was written in the 1970’s by Michael McNabb, PHD student at CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics) at Stanford University and ran on the famous ‘Samson Box’ (the Systems Concept Digital Synthesizer).


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